In the end, Justice Wins

The defence lawyer cited a Hindi couplet,

but the Three Bench Judge of the Supreme Court upheld

the death penalty verdict.

That horrendous crime, on a cold wintry December night,

shocked the “collective conscience of society”

“Tsunami of shock” the Bench held the attitude of the offenders

as ” bestial proclivity”

The infamous four have been sentenced to hang,

For a crime of humanely inconceivable perversity and depravity,

alas the juvenile delinquent, the epitome of “highest viciousness”

and ” demonic human lust” still roams scot free on a legal technicality.

“Gender equality should be part of school curriculum “

“Children should be taught to respect women 

Awareness should be created—-“

The Honourable Judges advocated.

Today, Zarir, Gavin, Garth, Atish and Loy as One, ONEmpire,

pledge to do our little bit, and  aspire,

whenever, whichever, whatsoever way, and are unanimous,

In spreading this message of “Gender Justice”

Rest In Peace, NIRBHAYA (fearless one)

The words and sentences in quotes, have been penned by Justices Dipak Misra, R Banumathi and Ashok Bhushan, in their 430 pages voluminous judgement.